About Frampton Signs

Frampton Signs is a manufacturing sign company with a factory in Newtown, Wellington. Frampton Signs is a family owned business that was established in 1945 by Bert Frampton, and was originally set up as a pattern making company, moving into signage on demand by customers over the following years. The company was later purchased by Berts son’s Alby and Colin then in 2005 purchased by Albys son Wayne who merged his existing successful sign company Frampton Neon with Frampton Signs to turn the company into what it is today.

The company’s current manufacturing base is broad and growing constantly including signage for various New Zealand Government Departments, the NZ Courts from the New Supreme Court & High Court in Wellington to many of the district courts nationally, Aviation Security, the NZ Armed Forces, the NZ Police & Fire brigade and also including for the Department of Foreign affairs many NZ embassies overseas. Also all types of signs and lighting for hotels, bars, restaurants and other types of commercial businesses.