New Zealand Fire Services Crests

Frampton Signs has been supplying the New Zealand Fire Service with the official NZFS crests for over 40 years. Frampton Signs holds the patterns for these crests. 

There are 2 sizes a 300mm high and a 700mm high. Either of these size crests is suitable for interior and exterior use. The 700mm high crest is the typical crest you will see on the outside of most fire stations throughout New Zealand.

The crests are cast in aluminum, cleaned up and prepared in our factory then hand painted in full heraldic colours. 

The last process is to spray the crests with a clear lacquer which is then baked in a paint oven to give a strong protective finish for many years of outdoor use.

In addition to the NZFS Crests Frampton Signs also supplies the text that will sit below or adjacent to the crest in Stainless Steel or Aluminum.

The NZFS crests and the text for any NZ fire station are supplied fully prepared with all fixings and a fixing template.

NZ Crest